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Garage Door Springs Repair

Whether you have extension or torsion springs, we can help you with their replacement and problems. We offer garage door springs repair Vancouver services, which cover everything you will ever need. From torsion spring adjustment to the installation of new extension springs and their safety cables, you can turn to our expert team every time you need spring services. Our pros at Vancouver Garage Door Repair respond quickly and are equipped to take care of any spring concern. Is your spring broken already? Do you want to prevent it from snapping? Count on us.Garage Door Springs Repair Vancouver

We fix torsion and extension springs

Our garage door spring replacement service takes place as soon as possible. Since the lifespan of springs is pre-determined and the weather in Vancouver, British Columbia, takes its toll on springs, it’s best to replace them before they snap. If they suddenly break, they can cause terrible accidents but also property damage. You can rest assured that our experts are trained to replace both types of residential springs whether they have already snapped or not. Count on our same day broken spring repair. Our techs are ready to deal with such problems and bring new springs along with tools in order to replace the broken extension or torsion springs.

The torsion spring repair service offered by our team also includes the replacement of its parts, ranging from the shaft to the bearing plate and the cones. If such parts are damaged, the spring won’t be well-secured and will make noise. We adjust the loose or too tensed springs as fast as possible too. This service aims at balancing the door so that it will open and close down properly and evenly.

We never let you waiting when you are in need of garage door springs repair in Vancouver, BC. Since we are local and well-organized, we guarantee quick response time every time you need urgent services. When it comes to springs, trust that one of our techs will help you in a timely manner whether you need garage door spring repair, adjustment or replacement. Call our team now.